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Before your first Chiropractic appointment...

Your 2nd appointment is about 20 minutes and it is called a Report of Findings. This is a consultation outlining what the issues are, the course of treatment and how the treatment is expected to help. This is followed up with another adjustment. 
The majority of your appointments are subsequent adjustment, your regular treatments that take about 5-10 minutes.
Your first intake appointment takes about 60 minutes. This applies to new clients or existing clients who have not had an appointment in over 12 months. 

It begins with some paperwork outlining your medical history. You will receive the required paperwork by email after you book your first appointment.

Your appointment begins with a consult with Dr. Dowswell, where you will discuss your medical history, do a physical assessment, and determine a care plan. Dr. Dowswell may then give you your first adjustment, if it is appropriate. 
Annually, you will be asked to schedule a 20 minute comparative assessment. It assesses your progress, gives the patient an opportunity to discuss new concerns and determine a new goal.

If you are seeking treatment for a WSIB or MVA claim,

please also complete these forms

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