Christina Tucker

Registered Massage Therapist  

Christina Tucker.jpg

Christina Tucker is a Registered Massage Therapist that studied in Toronto, Ontario.  Her background as a Physiotherapy Assistant for 5+ years prepared her for helping others with Massage Therapy.  In 2015, she received her diploma and registration as a RMT in Toronto, she then founded CM Massage Therapy Clinic.  

After graduation, he pursued more massage training in Myofascial Massage and Fascial Cupping, Hot Stone Massage, and Ashiatsu.  Christina continues to expand her education  and skill set, and Acupuncture will be the next modality in her near future.  

Her main focus as a professional is to continue to establish and maintain good human relations with her clients, and continued exceptional client care.  

When she is not working with clients, Christina loves spending time with her family, and keeping active through running and long walks with her husband and son. 


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